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James P. Lucier

In 1968, when James P. Lucier was an aide to Senator Strom Thurmond, he introduced Paul Weyrich to Victor Fediay. That connection led to the founding of the Heritage Foundation.

By the middle 1970s, Lucier was an aide to Senator Jesse Helms. At this time and through the early 1980s, Lucier and another Helms aide, John Carbaugh, created what has been called a “shadow State Department” around Helms. Helms was then both a center of movement conservatism and a point of connection to Latin American neo-fascists and death squad regimes.

Lucier served at one point as the staff director of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

In 1997-98, when Lucier was working for the Moon-sponsored Insight magazine, he went along on two trips to Russia sponsored by Jack Abramoff. There were suggestions that the Russians were trying to use him to get access to Helms.

(Lucier should not be confused with his son, James P. Lucier, Jr., who was associated in the 1990s with Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform.)

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