The material at this blog represents a work in progress, an ongoing attempt to uncover the deep structure of human history and culture. The centerpiece of this work is a theory of history as an overlapping sequence of differing visions of the nature of reality.

The Dance of the Visions

The bulk of the theoretical material, illustrated by examples from the last 300 years of history, can be found listed in order of posting at Dance of the Visions 1.0 and Dance of the Visions 1.5. The first of these includes entries from 2009-10 and the second from 2011-12.

More recent entries listed at Dance of the Visions 2.0 focus on how the cycle of visions might have arisen in the earliest days of our species. The first few entries provide a summary of the theory, so it is possible to start reading at that point.

Active Visions and Higher Knowledge

Three other topics overlap with the Dance of the Visions listings.

The Saga of Chaos and Holism presents a selection of entries that provide a chronological survey of the chaos and holism visions from the 1860s to the 1980s.

Emerging Visions focuses on the two most recent visions, horizontalism and creative imagination, and points to present-day developments in science and society that demonstrate their increasing impact.

Higher Knowledge deals with the human mental capacity that underlies the entire sequence of visions.


Deep Prehistory and The Roots of Civilization include entries from no later than 2011 that deal with earlier and later stages of human prehistory, respectively.

More recent posts on the same subjects can be found at Dance of the Visions 2.0.

All these listings can also be accessed through the Topics menu on the topbar.

A listing of all blog entries in chronological order, with annotations to highlight the most important theoretical points in each, can be found here.

A brief listing of the entire sequence of visions can be found here.