Emerging Visions

The partnership between the democracy and chaos visions that has dominated our society for nearly forty years is falling apart in the face of problems it cannot solve. In the window of opportunity that this provides, a host of alternatives is being offered, all springing out of the three youngest visions: holism, horizontalism, and creative imagination.

Holism, the most mature of the three, is rapidly developing new scientific and philosophical paradigms based on a view of the universe as an interconnected, organic whole. Horizontalism presents a radical, peer-to-peer concept of social relationships that directly challenges the failings of a system representative democracy that no longer represents the interests of its citizens. And creative imagination is beginning to suggest new understandings of the human mind and our relationship to existence.

Holism and Horizontalism (Jan 2010-Feb 2011)

Horizontalism and Creative Imagination (Feb-Mar 2011)

The Importance of Altruism (Mar-Jun 2011)

The Turning Point (Dec 2013-May 2015)

Our Current Dilemma (Jun 2016- )